Feb 03 2010

Technical Architect(C,C++), Software Engineer & System Administrator Jobs at Poseidon Design Systems,Bangalore

Poseidon Design Systems is an Electronic Design Automation company. It provides products and services for modeling and designing a processor-based system-on-a-chip. Poseidon’s cutting-edge tools allow users to rapidly design and simulate a complete SoC system.Poseidon’s team represents convergence of four vital areas: system architecture, hardware design, software design and development. Poseidon’s management has more than 120 man-years of combined industry experience. A tie-up with several universities further enhances the technical expertise of the team.

Current Openings:

  • Technical Architect, Compiler Technology
  • Technical Architect, System and Processor Modeling
  • Senior Software Engineer, Compilers
  • Senior Software Engineer, System and Processor Modeling
  • System Administrator – Windows and Linux

Send your resume to jobs [at] poseidon-systems.com

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