Mar 26 2010

CADD Center looking for Sales Executives, Business Development Managers, Technical Support Engineers, Product Specialist(CAD/CAM/Multibody/Civil Engineer), Project Management Consultants

CADD Centre, a 22 year old company offers the most comprehensive range of CAD products and services to the Design, Drafting, Engineering Manufacturing & Consultancy organizations in all parts of India. CADD Centre is reputed for its strong all round technical expertise, efficient support and customer care.CADD Centre holds the most dominant brand in the CAD industry and enjoys the maximum mind share amongst CAD customers. CADD Centre Current Business Model is organized into 5 individual business units each led by a separate Business Head.

Current Jobs:

  • TM/BDM
  • Sales Executive
  • Senior Sales Executive
  • Manager – Key Account
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Product Specialist(CAD/CAM)
  • Product Specialist(CAM/Multibody)
  • Product Specialist(Civil Engineer)
  • Graphics Specialist-Customer Care
  • Project Management Consultant – CAB

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